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The lanyard was designed as a way to ensure important items had a secondary means of retention; items such as the sword, firearm, and other critical equipment. Because of its inclusion on these items, its use in warfare was explored, exploited, and optimized. In our modern times, this flexible weapon form factor is not forgotten, and the Bu Tactical Combat Lanyard product line represents its inclusion as a personal protection option and discrete, every day carried piece of equipment.The neck lanyard is made from 78 inches of 550 paracord, doubled back for high durability. Employing a safety break-away buckle, the lanyard will come off the neck safety in case it is snagged or attempted to put the wearer into a choke, and the front-facing buckle ensures the lanyard will be useless if a choke from behind is employed. Using two drum locks, the cord can be adjusted as needed for comfortable and neat appearance.

The Bu Tactical Combat Lanyard Rope Necklace represents a casual and discreet way to carry cordage and an effective martial device.

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